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We keep your business rolling

We offer professional tyre logistics to garages and car repair shops in the Basel area. In our high-bay storage facilities that were designed specifically for tyres, we store more than 30 000 pre-mounted tyres for the coming season – for everyone who’s anyone in the automotive world. A professional tyre hotel like ours offers more than just a place to store tyres. It also includes expertise, a special infrastructure, rapid deployment, safe transport and additional services such as ultrasonic tyre cleaning – the latest, most environmentally method for washing and cleaning tyres and wheels.

We’ve reinvented the wheel just for you

But that’s not all. Our tyre hotel offers a whole host of advantages for your repair shop:

  • It means less work for your employees.
  • You can use our tyre transporter free of charge. We even offer this service to our new customers before peak season for tyre changes.
  • Order today, get it tomorrow: we guarantee next-day delivery for every wheel set stored at our tyre warehouse.
  • We provide comprehensive and secure transshipment from disassembly all the way to the storage location.
  • Thanks to our transport and storage labels, you can always clearly identify your tyres.
  • We maintain optimal environmental conditions in our warehouse to ensure that your tyres and rims maintain top quality.
  • There’s no need for you to invest your money in building your own storage facilities.
  • Thanks to our electronic tyre management system, you can always keep an eye on your inventory levels.

Turbocharge your efficiency

With our tyre logistics, we help you to work more efficiently and cost-effectively. We help take some of the pressure off your staff, especially during peak seasons, so that you can focus your time and effort on your core services. We can quantify this advantage in black and white: we save you 45 minutes per tyre change and per storage order. Our experience has shown that outsourcing your tyre logistics to us results in potential savings of up to at least 25 percent. You benefit not only from our expertise when it comes to tyres, but also from our state-of-the-art interface with your scheduling system.

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