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From A to B – and beyond

For everyone looking to go above and beyond, we are your portal to Switzerland, Europe and the world. As a modern road transport centre, we process thousands of parcels at our hub located near the borders of Switzerland, Germany and France. And because we specialise in containers, we are also happy to ship your cargo overseas. Whatever you need to get from A to B: with us, there’s no limit to your logistics.


We can ship whatever you need, and it will arrive securely and punctually within 24 hours, and even quicker upon request. A large portion of the cargo we ship is transported by rail, which is good for the environment.

Container logistics

We are a leading container logistics provider on the Swiss market with a powerful infrastructure, state-of-the-art container vehicles and more than 50 years of experience in the industry. Container loading and unloading, container transport: whatever your container needs, we’re happy to be of service.


We’ve got plenty of space to store anything that needs to wait a bit before continuing its journey. We are also always happy for the chance to demonstrate our co-packaging or customs expertise.

Tyre logistics

Car repair shops in and around Basel benefit from our tyre logistics expertise. Let us help you save time and work more efficiently, especially during seasonal peaks.

Parcel service

Would you like to deliver parcels of up to 30 kg to private or business customers? No problem. As a logistics provider that offers all services from a single source, this is also part of our portfolio.

As a logistics company, we travel from Switzerland across Europe and back again

Switzerland does not end at the border to Europe, nor does Europe end at the border with Switzerland. It is not for nothing that Switzerland is importing goods totalling CHF 266 billion in value every year, with CHF 61 billion coming from Europe. Anything that crosses the border into or out of Switzerland must fulfil a number of formalities. Whether you are looking to import or export, we are happy to take over every aspect of cargo transport and dispersion all the way to the farthest corners of Switzerland. Customs formalities included.

Big Brother for your ocean freight

We keep a particularly close eye on cargo that is shipped by sea. We make sure to check every single parcel before it leaves the container. From there, things start to move quickly: in accordance with client requirements, the parcels are redistributed via our hub and prepared for the final leg of their journey through Switzerland. Depending on the destination and time constraints involved, the majority of these goods are transported within Switzerland by rail – for the good of the environment.

Born for the open road

We’ve been on the road since 1962. A lot has changed since then. But one thing has remained the same: our passion for logistics. Today, Leimgruber employs nearly 180 specialists in the areas of transport, ocean freight logistics and warehousing. All our employees understand that Switzerland relies on cargo. And that this requires the kind of intelligent logistics and genuine passion that can only be found in a family-owned company.

Good as gold, precious as platinum

We handle shipping and logistics for renowned industrial and retail companies in Switzerland, Europe and around the world. The one thing all these companies have in common? That they have had a place on our client list for many years. And that we have worked tirelessly every day for just as many years to earn their loyalty.

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